Hi! I'm Dejan (pronounced "Dai-jaan"), a product designer with over 9 years of experiences in a wide range of disciplines. Currently shaping the digital user experience at InVision.

My journey as a designer started already at the age 14 when attending the High School for Digital communication, design and media. After that I got my bachelor and master's degree in Communication and media studies. This has helped me to widen my range of knowledge and gather experiences through various disciplines, such as front-end development, print design, motion graphics, 3D sculpting and animations, photography, videography, psychology, and many more. Fast forward few years, I’m now focusing on product design, management, research, advising, leadership and entrepreneurship.

My work is something I do with lot of honesty, appetite and commitment. Over the past years I had the opportunity to drive and do hands-on work for some amazing brands from all over the world. My work has also been recognized by some of the biggest names in the industry, like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal and many more. Beside my freelance career I’ve also done some hands on work in Switzerland, where I worked as a lead designer for one of the top #3 most downloaded free apps on the German market. After that I become a co-founder and entrepreneur, trying to build my own startup company in Germany.

As part of overachievement, I have been awarded as an awesome Designer #106, have been featured in BNN publication in Japan among some of the best designers in the world and was selected as one of the top 10 designers to follow in 2015. At my university I have been given an award for an outstanding contribution and have received a second national award, as one of the co-founders developing a desktop application that enables children with special needs to learn independently and play educational games.

I’m currently self-employed and working as a product designer at InVision. In my spare time you’ll find me exploring and traveling the world. I love new adventures, meeting new people and mostly capturing the moments with my Leica. Photography itself can teach us much about visual impression and storytelling as life itself.

Feel free to reach out at info [a] or follow me on Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.