Selected client work and experiments
Cards transition
A simple experiment with cards layout on iOS. The goal was to create playful user experience where you can easily switch between different channels like cooking, traveling and see the questions posted by the users.
Roomshare is a re-design of the UK most popular flatshare app. The goal was to step outside of the standard iOS patterns and create something different. The concept has still potential to lot of improvements but the outcome is still unique and interesting.
Healthy choice
Healthy choice is an iOS app that allows users to lead a healthy life style by providing geographical locations.The app provides a list of upcoming events and health policy.
Inspired by the Google iOS app, the idea behind the project was to explore an alternative to email applications, that doesn't display messages in a list format but in a different more playful way.
Postcard app is a redesign of a similar iOS application. The goal was to create a meaningful, clean, yet simple user interface, for creating and sending postcards to family and friends.
Heart rate
Heart rate is an alternative app to measure user's heartbeat.
Popshop is a luxury shopping in the digital age. It allows users to sell and buy high end fashion from different users.
Nuflyt is an app that merges private aviation with the mobile devices that consumers use every day to provide a seamless and efficient travel experience.
Paybell allows user to simply add all their credit cards, and quickly see all the informations they need.
Restaurant Booking
Mobile application for finding luxury restaurants near you. A user can search for restaurants and learn more about them. The app also allows direct booking.
Beach Travel
Mobile application about the beaches near you, with an insights about characteristics, user feedback, photos and ratings.
Remote Energy
The app provides a remote energy meter reading for your home. It helps consumers create saving goals, based on which they can save some energy and lower the consumption costs.
Home Control Dashboard
Home Control dashboard is an iPad application, that provides the ability to control and monitor users homes.
Gourmet experience
Interactive ordering table for restaurants. User can browse through menus, restaurant informations, order food, provide feedback and pay.