Dive into the colorful vault of my past design adventures! From web wonders to mobile marvels, my archive is a treasure trove of creativity and innovation.

Over the past decade, I've been fortunate to engage in a wide array of projects as a freelance product designer. This journey has brought me into collaboration with exceptionally skilled individuals worldwide, spanning regions such as the USA, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

My clients have predominantly consisted of startups and small to mid-sized companies, presenting me with challenges that demanded the creation of tailored features for specific user needs. Through collaboration, research, offering advice, managing teams, and leading them toward bringing their products to fruition, I've experienced significant growth as a designer.

My approach has always been centered around providing solutions to business challenges and addressing user needs to craft a seamless and desirable user experience. This focus has led to the development of products that are not only unique and engaging but also leave a lasting impression on users.

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