Social media travel startup and the first online travel agency (OTA) for Instagram. With 70M+ travel-obsessed followers @hotel is your go-to for trusted travel.

@hotel, formerly known as TripScout, is a pioneering travel booking platform that prioritizes user experience above all else. With a massive social media presence and an active user base, @hotel offers unmatched value with better prices, curated community insights, and superior customer service. Recognized as the Travel Industry's Innovation of the Year, @hotel has revolutionized the way travelers explore destinations and plan their trips.

After the rebranding to @hotel, the platform underwent a transformative shift into a pioneering booking platform, offering exclusive rates and deals to its members. As a product designer, my role was instrumental in enhancing user experiences through comprehensive research, user testing, and crafting intuitive user flows. I collaborated closely with developers to translate design concepts into functional products.

In addition to my design responsibilities, I also took on cross-team initiatives, drove conversations, crafted prototypes to aid decision-making, and successfully secured buy-in from stakeholders. I led entire design initiatives from conception to production, involving developers early in the process to gather their feedback, technical constraints, and resource estimates.

Furthermore, I excelled in task prioritization, preparing acceptance criteria for developers, and ensuring they had all necessary resources for seamless product development. Additionally, I developed a comprehensive design system, offering insight into its structure and components. From core elements to detailed guidelines, the design system ensures consistency and coherence across the entire product. Working closely with developers to ensure its smooth integration and adoption across the organization.

@hotel is not just a travel booking platform; it's a movement that's reshaping the way we travel. With a relentless focus on user satisfaction and innovation, @hotel continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the travel industry.

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